Looking for exciting and engaging activities to keep your kids active this summer? Look no further! We are thrilled to announce our Summer Sessions, specially designed for our junior members, featuring an array of free and exclusive activities that will ensure that they are entertained, giving our adult members the chance to focus on their own fitness.

Aqua Fun with Fran

On Mondays and Fridays, join Fran in the indoor pool for an hour of Aqua Fun! Kids aged 9-11 can dive in and enjoy a playful aqua aerobics session that will have them splashing, laughing, and having a blast in the water.

Squash Skills with Rellie

Introduce your little ones, aged 5-8, to the exciting world of squash on Wednesdays! Our coach Rellie is serving a session where they can learn the basics of this fast-paced sport: racket skills, coordination, and agility.

Mini Athletes

Calling all mini athletes! This session combines your child’s favourite activities, such as running, jumping, and throwing, with imaginative themes, skill development, and making new friends. The juniors will burn energy honing their atheletic abilities while having the time of their lives.

Junior Tennis Skills and Drills

For tennis lovers, we offer two sessions each week on Tuesdays and Thursdays, tailored to different age groups. Fledglings aged 5-8 will learn the fundamentals of tennis, including basic skills and techniques. Meanwhile, older fledglings aged 9-11 will engage in group and team games, practicing their playing strategies. Our experienced tennis coaches will ensure that each child is encouraged to grow their passion for the sport.

Of course, our usual weekend sessions of Kombat Kobras and Kombat Warriors on Saturdays and Zumbini and Zumba Kids on Sundays will remain rolling through the summer break for junior members who love the sessions.

Don’t miss the opportunity to make this summer an active and enjoyable one for your juniors. Join us for our Summer Sessions, and together, we’ll create lasting memories filled with laughter, learning, and friendship. Members can book via myedgbastonpriory.com.