The fitness team has been hard at work over the past few months to introduce a range of exciting additions to elevate members’ fitness journeys. Our enhanced fitness timetable, group exercise inductions, fitness MOTs, individual lifestyle orientations and junior orientations are designed to provide members with a full and enjoyable fitness experience like never before.

Fitness Timetable

Our new and improved fitness timetable offers a number of diverse classes, ensuring there’s something for everyone. We’ve expanded our offerings in evenings, weekends, and lunchtimes to make it easier for members to squeeze in a workout no matter their schedule. With a perfect balance of high and low-impact classes, members can tailor their fitness routine to match their preferences and goals.

To top it all, we’ve added six new classes to the mix, including: functional fitness, learn to lift, HIIT & Mix, total body workout, HIIT Tabata and strength conditioning sessions.

Group Exercise Inductions

If members want to try our exercise classes, but don’t know where to start, our new group exercise induction sessions are the perfect place to jump in! Get With the Flow is a holistic session that will familiarise members with the foundational movements and benefits of Pilates and yoga. Our HIIT the Ground Running session is targeted to introduce members to our high impact sessions; and they will experience a well-rounded workout comprising cardio, upper/lower body, and core exercises.

Both Get With the Flow and HIIT the Ground Running classes are designed to build a solid foundation and technique before fully integrating new members into our usual timetable.

Fitness MOTs

We care about our members’ progress and want to support their goals every step of the way. That’s why we’re offering complimentary Fitness MOTs four times a year. During these 30-minute assessments, they’ll have a one-on-one discussion with our personal trainers to address any challenges they’re facing, seek guidance, or plan their next fitness steps.

Lifestyle Orientations

Our lifestyle orientations have had a personalised upgrade. For new members who know their way around a gym, a member of the fitness team will give them a demonstration of our equipment, talk thorugh their fitness goals and make suggestions to enhance their existing training programme. For new members who need a guiding hand in the gym, they will have access to three sessions to help them navigate our fitness facilities and achieve their goals. The first session is to set goals and expectations, the second is to set the pace and develop a personal training plan and the third session will get our new members ready to go feeling confident in using our gym.

Junior Orientations

Our new junior inductions are designed to ensure our junior members are well-informed and feel confident while using the gym facilities. Our personal trainers will explain the gym rules, teach them to use the equipment safely, and provide essential guidance for their fitness journey. After completing the junior orientation, our junior members will be able to use the gym independently, under the watchful eye of our team. 


We are excited to share these fantastic new additions with all of our members. Whether they’re fitness enthusiasts, always in the gym or new to the world of exercise – our diverse and engaging offerings will cater to all of their needs and preferences.